Police investigate new years day assault on woman in west Calgary home

Police investigate new years day assault on woman in west Calgary home

2:40pm: The woman was a family friend who had been staying at the home. Police have no reason to believe she was part of the incident.

This is the second such violent incident this year involving an allegedly intoxicated person in western Alberta’s Calgary area. The first incident, on March 13, involved a 29-year-old who was found to have several bottles of alcohol in his system and in his own home.

In that instance, police determined that the person who lived in the home had committed a violent crime and placed him on a 24-hour bail to k마이다스 카지노eep him off the streets.

Calgary police officers also spoke with the man about the assault and decided to speak with him by phone.

4:1SM 카지노2pm: A member of the public is reporting having been assaulted in her own home last night.

A victim in her 60s has left her apartment with her family after waking to a man outside her home asking what was wrong, according to a CBC News report.

The neighbour said the man told her she “should be more careful and she doesn’t know much about life.”

This is the first report of a violent assault involving an intoxicated person in Calgary since March 1.

On Thursday evening, two people were arrested following a home invasion where a woman was taken into custody. Officers were later able to identify the woman, but the man who lives near the house was not arrested.

Police said both have since been released without charge.

1:55pm: Police continue to investigate the incident, which they say 인터넷 카지노is the worst since the first case of a intoxicated person in Calgary.

Officers have spoken to at least three people in the home after arriving and are looking into whether more victims are involved.