Philippine rebels govt declare christmas truce to end Islamic State

Philippine rebels govt declare christmas truce to end Islamic State

PATRICK: It’s very interesting, this has not been the only place where ISIS has used the conflict as a recruitment tool: Afghanistan. For example, they are sending young boys into Iraq to fight there. And some of the girls also have taken on the ISIS role of becoming a suicide bomber and committing their deaths, because they don’t have anybody to marry. It’s an interesting example of the dynamics of the conflict.


BECKER: And we will continue talking with her. And, in addition, we’re going to see a new report from the White House this morning, “A new war in the making,” we’ll continue on to another in just another hour. And we’re also going to see another report from ABC News, about an ISIS group in Iraq’s Mosul with pictures. We’re going to talk to a local. That’s another group of journalists who’ve been doing the reporting for ABC News. We have some of their reports that we’re going to see soon, and they were with some Syrian opposition fighters. And we’ll be continuing this with them and with the Syrian opposition, and also with ABC News and others. One more report from a young woman who’s come into Syria to live with rebel fighters. She just joined this opposition group, a sort of an alliance with this rebel group called Ahrar al-Sham. And it’s a group that has now seized control of a h더킹카지노uge stretch of northern Syria, part of the desert around 영천출장샵the border between Syria and Iraq. It’s the northern Euphrates valley that you see, it’s the road to Raqqa that you see, the road that we’re covering from the start now. That’s Ahrar al-Sham. And so that’s their report, and we’ll continue followin카지노 사이트g the story in coming days as we continue to follow what’s going on there.

Thank you so much. We’ll continue on to our live coverage on ABC News.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, we want to say goodnight to you, and thanks to you all for all your good work covering the conflict.


GONZÁLEZ: And we thank you for your coverage, and goodnight to you all.